Saloncide Anti-Microbial Hand Sanitiser Atomiser


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Saloncide Anti-microbial Hand Sanitiser spray is effective against Bacteria, fungi & viruses, with up to 99.998% germ kill rate & tested to EN standards. Saloncide is alcohol, bleach & paraben free, non irritant & much kinder to the skin than alcohol based sanitisers. So if you have dried or chapped skin, Saloncide hand sanitiser is ideal. Unlike alcohol based hand sanitisers, Saloncide Anti-microbial hand sanitiser spray continues to work on hands after application.


√   Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, Anti-Viral hand sanitiser

√   Perfect for sensitive & young hands

√   Certified to EN test standards

√   Alcohol, solvent, acid, paraben & bleach FREE

√   Non flammable, non toxic, non irritant & fragrance free

√   Ideal where hand soap, water & towels are not available

√   Continues to work on hands after application

√    Extremely low hazard rating reducing COSHH risk

√    Economical & long lasting

√    UK Manufactured


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