Saloncide Anti-Microbial 2-in1 Cleaning & Sanitising Tub Wipes 200 sheets


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Saloncide Antimicrobial disinfectant squat tub wipes are an ideal alternative to sprays for sanitising in any type of salon or studio. Saloncide lightly cleans & disinfects all kinds of surfaces, tools and equipment straight after use. A quick and easy solution to clean and disinfect in an instant, with no rinsing or drying off required. Saloncide wipes can also be used to sanitise hands & feet before a treatment

An all-in-one cleaning, disinfection & deodorising system for the whole salon or studio These unique disinfectant wipes are a quick & easy ‘One-Stop solution’ for light cleaning, disinfecting & deodorising all tools, surfaces & equipment, porous or non-porous throughout the hair/beauty salon, nail bar, tattoo studio or spa. 


  • Up to 99.998% germ kill rate working within 30 seconds on Bacteria
  • Alcohol, solvent, bleach, paraben and acid FREE
  • Use on all surfaces porous and non porous, tools & equipment
  • Non toxic, Non flammable and Non Irritant
  • Tested to EN Standards BS EN1276, BS EN14476 & EN1650 against Bacteria, Fungi & Viruses (and Coronaviruses)
  • Continues to work long after application
  • Extremely low hazard rating reducing COSHH risk


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