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New!! Set with 5 popular lip colours in 4ml bottles. This is the ultimate Coloressense starter selection for any lip pigmentations!


Bordeaux Addicted: BA is a deeper, darker shade of red. Designed for the „Paloma Picasso“ style women. BA is ideal for women who prefer clear red lipsticks, perfect for full drawings and lasts extremely well. Apply pure as a „solitaire“, or mix to create further Coloressense tones. BA adds a rich cherry red hue as intensely or subtle as desired. BA is a perfect color for the Powdery technique.

Kiss Royal: French charm meets Italian understatement. “I want to show my lips, but not have them stand out“ Bingo! KR meets this description 100%. The colour tone for the lady who wants a discreet but seductive colour. Cool to neutral in the colour direction, a hint of brick red and rosewood. The new KR is fresh and radiant and can even help greyish-bluish natural lips to a new shine.

Lavish Lips: LL is an absolutely natural lip colour for Northern European complexions and is often described as a “pinkish-nude” palette. Skin type 1-3. A rose colour with gentle coverage (often also called rosewood and the best-selling colour for lip-contouring sticks). LL is particularly well-suited to naturally correcting lip shapes as well as subtly lining them with the effect of achieving a no-make-up look.

Lollipop Pink: LP is the best nuance for the colour loving customers who desire a „fresh lips“ look. Applied pure, LP appears in a luminous magenta-rosé. Mixing LP in small quantities with further colors creates a minimum change in the rosé tone. Half-half with other colors creates clear pink undertones.

Show Time: ST is not as wild and unrestrained as it appears. The elegant freshness of this color makes lips that are naturally brownish-beige toned, radiant and youthful. Customers that enjoy using/wearing pink or strawberry toned lip gloss will love ST‘s „Fruity Shine“. A fashion statement with increased radiance for truely young and young at heart. The initial colour intensity may lead to first time users to apply it a little too lightly – but please dare to be courageous! The color will not remain at its original intensivity. ST will not be intensive enough for customers who wish to replace a red lipstick.


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