Eyeliner Pigment Set


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A box set of pigments for eyeliner tattooing & permanent makeup artists, formulated by Will Anthony and LI Pigments.

  • 4x 10ml bottles
  • For eyeliner
  • Ideal for use on Fitzpatrick 1-6 tones
  • Range of colours
  • Pigments are premixed for immediate use and can be mixed further for custom tones

You can mix the pigments or use them as they are depending on your client’s skin tone.

  • London Fog, a grey-based black. This is a great standalone colour and will also serve as the perfect base for Secret Black or an overlay for Black Cocktail.
  • Black Cocktail, an organic carbon mixed with iron oxide and an orange/red added to the base for those clients with blue eyelid undertones. This is pre-modified and can be used alone, but will provide an amazing base for all three of the other colours.
  • Secret Black, an organic carbon black. This can be used alone but will heal truer and blacker when layered on top of Black Cocktail or London Fog. Due to this being a carbon black, it’s recommended that only experienced technicians use this black.
  • Black Moss, a green-based black. This will look great on light and fair-skinned people. The green added to the base is perfect for those clients with red eyelid undertones. You can overlay this colour on any of the other colours to highlight with a slight green hue.

They come pre-mixed or you can darken or lighten within the kit, which comes with a colour chart. Achieve a beautiful healed result every time.


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