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  • Skin Hair Scalp Detector Multifunction: Skin hair detector with high resolution and clear images, helps you can understand the condition of your scalp, hair and skin, also suitable for porcelain, stamp and coin. Skin hair scalp detector is easy to use, the digital skin analyser can be used for households, professional beauty institutions, scalp management centres and so on.
  • Skin Hair Scalp Detector for Scalp Detection: Follicles scalp detector is designed to detect hair, with white LED light source and 800X magnification to help you observe the scalp conditions. Skin diagnosis hair analyser is easy to use, and you can see the scalp more clearly, which helps to detect scalp health.
  • Skin Hair Scalp Detector Accurate Result: Skin hair tester allowing you can see the scalp condition easily and get more scientific test results, which is suitable for beauty salons, beauty chains, hair salons, etc. Scalp detection machine is very convenient to carry out for various activities, will be your good assistant.
  • Skin Health Analyzer Hair Follicle Detector Reasonable Product: Skin hair analyser used to analyse the health and damage status of hair, according to the test results, you can provide customers with corresponding products. Skin hair scalp detector is able to intelligently detect scalp and skin clearly, more convenient.
  • Skin Hair Analyzer Compact Size: Skin hair scalp detector is light in weight, and small in size, which is easy to carry and operate, skin hair scalp detector can also be used as a portable microscope for traveling. Facial skin health detector help consumers to understand their scalp, hair, very practical.


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Item Type: Hair Scalp Detector
Material: ABS
Magnification: 800X
Photo/Video: Supported
Auxiliary Light Source: White LED light source
Static Resolution: 1600×1200(Interpolating 2 Million)
Image resolution: 1600×1200(Interpolating 2 Million)
Supported Systems: for Android 4.0 or above, for IOS 8.0 or above
Built In Battery Type: Lithium Ion Battery
Battery Capacity: 1400mAh
Charging Time: 5 hours
Working Hours: 2.5 hours

How to Use:

Package List:
1 x Skin Hair Detector
1 x USB Charger

1. Do not disassemble the product to avoid electrostatic breakdown of the accurate chip.
2. Do not use alcohol and other organic solvents to clean products.
3. Do not touch the lens with fingers to avoid scratches and dirt on the surfaces.
4. When used outdoors, avoid high


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