BCN – Epithel


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BCN Epithel soothes the skin and restores the hydrolipidic mantle of the areas treated with chemical peelings, laser or other abrasive cosmetic procedures. Its formula has soothing, anti-inflammatory, moisturising, anti-oxidant and healing properties.

The pack consists of:

1 x 35ml bottle

Benefits of BCN Epithel:

Calms the skin and has anti-inflammatory properties

Promotes healthy tissue formation

Enables the skin to absorb more moisture

Strengthens the skin’s barrier function protecting its lipid balance

Reduces trans-epidermal water loss

Stimulates collagen synthesis

Has antioxidant properties and fights free radicals

How to use BCN Epithel:

Apply on areas treated with chemical peels, laser or other abrasive cosmetic procedures. For optimal results combine with other products from BCN Pre & Post range.


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