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A set of three bottles of solution:AS1+SA2+AO3
1.Minimizing skin pores
2.Raising skin resistivity and keep the elasticity of skin
3.Help calming of atopic skin
4.The reduction of inflammation and edema

Three bottles solution for different function.
Clean exfoliants,mild and non-irritating,soft exfoliation,no added,include shedding of keratinocytes,lasting moisture retention,promote collagen regeneration
Exfoliating acne ,Gentle and non-irritating,strong cleansing power,
mild horniness,relieves acne,rashes and other problems,effectively moisturizes and calms skin.
Moisturizes and nourishes the skin,improves skin immunity,inhibits melanin,vitamin C nutrients supply to the skin,restores damaged cells,helps regeneration.

AS1:Lactic acid yeast extra,green tea extract
SA2:Vitamin C,vitamin E,aloe extract,green tea extract
AO3:Soybean Extract,Hinoki leaves Extract

Product specifications:
Type:Facial Serum Solution
Features:Skin Care Cleaning
Functions:Skin Revitalizer,Anti-wrinkle,Anti-aging,Lightening,Blemish Clearing Skin
Volume:30ml/Bottle,3 Bottles
Application:Beauty Care
Packing weight:0.35lb
Packing size:7.9*3.9*1.4in

AS1 nutrient solution can be used on all skin types
SA2 is for sensitive skin
AO3 for skin that needs nutrition or hydration
The three nutrient solutions can be used in combination
So no matter what skin it belongs to,it can be used.

How to use?
The concentrated 30ml solution is suitable for microdermabrasion,hydra beauty and hydra facial machine.
A bottle of 30ml must be diluted with 370ml water


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